I was getting the mining pictures so scattered, I decided it was time to
bring them together.

The Official reason the local mines shut down.


Mining History-2020


A copy of a 1973 Special Centennial of Mining edition
of the Joplin Globe has been given to me to share here

See also Miami Mines in the Ottawa County section.

1924 Map

It is usually said that mining in the area ceased because the mines "played out".
What makes that interesting is the fact that lead and zinc were found at least as far south as Spavinaw!
South of Miami West of Miami Fairland S. of Fairland Afton
Afton-2 Grove-1 Spavinaw Strang Talequah
Seneca Seneca Mining Seneca Mining Co. Bluejacket Early Report
Tulsa Wyandotte- AFTON 08 Wyandotte Grove
    Horse Creek    
Tariff 1908 Tariff-1908 Imports Tariff 1919  
Shutdown 1947   Subsidies-48   Shutdown 1949
Tariff 57 Shut Down '57 Re-opening SUBSIDY-1962 End of Tariffs
    Strip Mine?    
    Mining Terms    
ORE Man Power Horse Powered MIAMI MINES 06 Big Strike
Cardin 06
  CM&R Co. Power Plant CM&R Depot E-P GROWS
History-1914 Early days Early Milling Typical Hoist
Quapaw Mines Quapaw mining A. W. Abrams Old Abe's Mines Old Abe 2
Oct 24, 1902 Jan 18, 1906 Jan 25, 1906 Jan 25, 1906 p2 Jan 25, 1906 ps 3&4
Discoverer? Jan 22 1909 Early Mines Old Chief Burns Pre 1915
Jack Built Lead Netta Track Emma Gordon Ensworth Camp
4-3-14 July 10, 1914 9-11-1914 Beaver Sulphuric Acid
Cornfield 1/17 HISTORY Joplinites Mine names Imports 1918
Mining 5-3-1918 Mining, May 10, 1918 Mining, May 17, 1918 Mining, May 24, 1918 Mining, May 31, 1918
Tar Creek Camp Aug 15, 1918 Big Deals More Big Deals Mining deals
Netta Tract School of Mines Mining News, 1919 Stairs Down St. Louis Mining-16
Beaver Mill
Hattenville  Miami-Joplin 06 Bingham-28 Nancy Jane elevator




1925 MAP 1940 Mine Tour Misc Road Map (pdf) 1954 Map
    Lowering machinery   Roof Trimmer
Hoist Room Hoist Signals Bumper, Hooker Hooker, etc Bottom
Powderhouses Jumbo Carbide lantern Kangaroo Court Lead Mining
Hum-Bah-Wat-Tah Hum-Bah-Wat-Tah II Galena Oronogo Saw Blade
Flower contest "Mutt" Mantle Woodchuck PC Blasting Overhead
Typical Derrick Ott Heatherly     Rustlin' Card



Cable Haulage



Steam Locomotive

Chat Pile Building Breaking Through

Bad Timing




Nancy Jane


Powder Box



Post Drilling

 Screen Apes


Screen Apes

Powder Monkey


Landis Steel Co.

Mule Skinners

Dobson Mine, 1930 Early Mine Names. Eagle-Picher Lead Co. (1936) Baxter Springs report

1920 Pictorial Map




West Virginia

Rialto #3,


F. J. Cuddeback

Mule skinner

Ventilation Phone Book One Horse


Big Mill Demo

Panning Gold

Blue Goose-1927

Picher History

Mineral Expo

Velie deaths
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Panoramics (and other structure pictures)  
Bilharz, 1923 Haulage Blue Goose Lavrion Butte Mining
E-P Smelter South Side-43 Woodchuck-42 Blue Goose-W Premier Mine
1945 Lucky Bill Crew 1947 Lucky Bill Crew Good Enough Mine Blue Goose Crew, 1943 Mahutska Mining

Camp Crowder Rock Quarry

Central Mill

  Central Mill-32

South of Cardin

Central Mill "Bull Gang" Central Mill "Mill Gang" Evans Wallower# 4 E.W./Goldenrod #4 #4 up close

Bird Dog

Blue Goose -Ritz


Velie Lion

 Lucky Bill photo

Netta, Postcard

Tar Creek Mining Co, 1926

Netta, from North Lucky Bill

St. Louis Camp

Rialto #3 crew


Anna Beaver

West Side, 1941
Ore Haulers Lucky Jew West Side crew Townsite-1  
Lancaster Ramage Goldenrod 4   '32 Central Mill Post Card
  View from the Premier   View from Douthat