I didn't really know where to put these treasures,
but I figured here was where they belong
because of Doc's and Dixie's history.

(I'm pretty sure some of the building pictures are not from Picher)
Many of the old Picher (and other places) pictures originally belonged
to Claude and Helen (Nebel) Stout, and Tom had no idea where they were taken.

Note:  Tom called the other day (2-12-09) and said he was doing some closet cleaning,
and asked if I wanted the things he was getting rid of.
Needless to say, I was at Tom's house the next day!


Dixie, Tom, and Doc

2004 Calendar

Rodgers Hotel

Ry. Cafe

Whatever happened to--


Nice Picture

Grocery Store

Tom and Ray Dale

Doc and Dixie

Helen Nebel

Two Ways

Football Team, 33

Football Team, 34

Zachery Duggan

Another time

All Jr. High

Jr. High, 1956

Jr. High BB-56

8th BB - 1957

7th BB-56

'56 Jr. High F-ball

59-60 Jr. Hi BB


Doc's first grade card

 Wesley House

Mush and Chock

Football Heroes

Sewing Store



B-Ball, 1934


Five Friends

 Class Elections-1931

Tennis, anyone?