Photo courtesy of Sue Poole
The Whitebird (Picher) Pep Club, early '50s

The story of the pep club skirts.
(According to Ed Shuck)
My uncles were jocks of the first order.  When I began my 6th grade, mom
pushed for me to excel.  That was not to be.  But the skirts were part
of the push.  She and Peggy Rowe's mom bought a quilt and  held a
drawing.  Tickets were a quarter.  And with the money, they bought
yardage, Indian Mills - Red cotton, from Scott Livingston on Main
Street.  Mom and Mrs. Rowe did the sewing.  About 20 years ago, I was
home and one of the  pep club mentioned that she still had her skirt!  I
think they charged the girls for the skirt.  25 cents.