courtesy of Micky Wood

 The top two rows are a little confusing so I will start with the guy in the dark
shirt with his hands on my Mothers shoulders, Garnett Townsend, Theodore Cruzan,
 Dessa Ebersole, Opal Heatherly, Hazel Herd and Garland Ebersole.

Second row from top guy in overalls is Alfred Holcomb, Quentin Caswell, Arnold
 Woodall,  Oliver Jones, Nola Allen, LLoyd Green and Dorothy Woolsey.

Third row from top is August Weigl, Norma Warren, Lawrence Parker,  Bernard Raouls,
Roy Sanders, Roland Martin, Bob Horn, Otto McKee,  Ernest Alan Covington and
 Ralph Leslie Frisbie.

Fourth row from top is Reva Leslie, Mary Campbell, Rita Lightfoot,
Naydean Krudwig, Lura Bell, Delores Hood, Mildred Thurman, Eileen Bigelow,
 Irene Cooper and Norvella Green.

Bottom row is LLoyd Craig, Kathryn Crickard, Blanche Lawrence,
 Edna Endicott, June Rose Grayson, Helen Beam, Bertha Truesdale,
 Madge Newton, Lillie Willis and Elsie frisbie.