Mothers Featured
At P-TA Meeting;
Officers Seated

CARDIN. May 13, 1953
A play, "Snow White Goes to PTA," by
several mothers featured a meeting
 of the Cardin Parent-Teachers
 association Friday afternoon.
Taking part were Mrs. Clay Allen,
Mrs. Fredas Cook, Mrs. Goldie
Boyd, Mrs. Hubert Powell, Mrs.
Sam Houser, Mrs. Hayden Brown,
Mrs. Bill Crawford, Mrs. Mabel
Richardson and Mrs. Quentin Caswell.
	Mrs. Earl Henry, outgoing president,
 installed officers for the ensuing year. 
The officers seated were Mrs. Allen Skelton, 
president; Mrs. Goldie Boyd, vice-President;
 Mrs. Fred Von Moss, secretary; Mrs. Fredas 
Cook, treasurer, Mrs. J. D. Patton, reporter.
	Mrs. Skelton presented Mrs. Henry 
with a past president's pin.
Plans were made to hold the school
picnic May 19 at Schifferdecker
park in Joplin. Mrs. John Adams
and C. H. Kerr won the room count
	Refreshments were served! to 23
members during a social hour.