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Cardin Grade School Operetta, "Wedding of the flowers", 1948

#1-  Jimmy Ray   2-  Billy Richardson,  3- Carol Orrell  5 Doyel Howell,  6- Margie Berry,   7-  Paul Townsend  8 Jack Heatherly,  9- Joyce Enders,  10- Lucille Townsend    12-  Barbra McGowen,  15-  Susie Wood,   16-  Lloyd Skelton,   19-  Dickie Barnett,    21  Johnny D. Lawrence,  22-  Carolyn Lane,  25-  Gene Parkison? 27-  Jack Beggs,   28-  Martha Spohn,   29  Jon Douthitt,   30-  Patsy Powell,  32-  Peggy Richardson,   34-Wanda Cole,  37- Geraldine Cox?   40-  Shirley Wood  43-  Don "Hook" Richardson,  47- Burl Lane,  53-  Mickey Heatherly,  54- Delores Richardson,  56- George Turner,   59-  Johnny Richardson,   60-  Marilyn Richardson?   61-  Hattie Sue Jones   63-  Norma Rae Emarthla  68- Jeanice Parkison,  69-  Lola Mae Parkison,  72- James Fox,  79- Deloris (Ikey) Wood,  81- Emma Scott,  82- Collins Powell,  83  Mary Ann Douthitt

Lloyd Skelton, Susie Wood,  Jack Beggs, Martha Spohn were picked for their rolls because they were the smallest kids in school.  They were first on the stage, and after their dance, they took up their positions which they kept the entire play.

Three Woods kids, three Powells, and three Richardsons were in it.