from 1946 Zinco

-From Tri-State Tribune, 1940

Picher's $27,873 high school gymnasium to be built by the Works Progress Administration was given final approval by Ron Stephens, WPA administrator.

If completed as organized, the project will require five and a half-months to complete and will provide periodic employment for 72 Picher residents on WPA employment rolls.

The structure is to be built from Ottawa County Limestone and will be 81x85 feet in dimensions.

It is being financed with $18,154 or 65.1 percent WPA funds and $9,719 school revenue.  Slightly in excess of 57 percent of the investment will be returned to Picher trade channels in the form of  paychecks to laborers. Total payroll is placed at $15,928.60 or(of) which $14,146.40 come from WPA.

            Other WPA expenditures are listed as $2,219 for building mater­ials, $1,622.50 for supervision, $90.00 for equipment and $75.00 labor cost.        

            In addition to paying $1,782.00 for wages, the school board is obli­gated to provide $6,695.62 for building supplies, $929.60 for non-labor items and $312 for equipment.

Six hundred and eighty-two cubic yards of stone will be used in the building and, 3,228 pounds, of reinforced structural steel.

            The gymnasium site will be pro­vided with 1,600 square feet of concrete walks.


(The football stadium was built in 1938 by the WPA)