George and June (Pierce) Turner

This is a great picture.  All we need is more names.  Thanks to George and June for what we have.

#5- Mrs. Spencer (Teacher)  17- Mrs. Katherine Montgomery (Teacher), 19- Mrs. Harold (Dolly) Jones
20- Mrs. Brown (Richard's Mom), 21- Mrs. Davis (Jimmy's Mom) 
22- Mrs. Mary Walkenshaw (Don & Jan's Mom), 23- Mrs. Keheley (Don, Wanda & Eddie's Mom) 
25- Mrs. Ray (Butch & Nubbin's Mom) 
26- Mrs. Carey (the cook)  31- Mrs. Opal McWethy (June Carole Pierce's Mom)
32 Mrs Ruby Graham (Guy's Mom) 33- Mrs. Caldwell (Janey's Mom)  34- Mrs. Forbes (Kay's Mom)
35- Mrs Georgia Cronk (5th grade teacher)  36- Mrs. Beulah Stanley (3rd grade teacher)
37- Mrs. Nora Daugherty (Teacher) 39- Mr. Harold Jones, Principal & 6th grade teacher