Miami Weekly Record Herald

Aug 17, 1917. Pg. 4, Col. 3

School Structure Contract

A contract has been let for the two central high schools in School  District No. 15, recently created by changing former districts, and which embraces Picher, Tar River and Douthat Oklahoma.

These buildings, which will be located near the Golden Rod Mine, will be erected by Murphy and Bercy, of Picher. They will be central to the three towns, and will be of brick.

It was the intention to erect only one high school building, but the plans have been changed, in that there will be two of these buildings of eight rooms, each. They will be modern in every way, and will be ample to serve the district for this session, at least.

The school board has an excellent tract of land at this place.  There is a large play ground for the children, and the location is a healthy one.

In addition to these buildings, Picher, Douthat and Tar River will each have a ward school of a size sufficient to care for all children of school age in the district for at least one term.  If the attendance requires, an addition can be made to the ward schools sufficient to take care of any children that may come in during the school


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