from the estate of:
Dorothy Houser Mooney
(Dorothy Houser is probably in this photo)
Thank you to Richard and Alma Gregory.

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    LEFT SIDE                        CENTER                             RIGHT SIDE

              who are they?
We have our first answer from Jim Richardson:

Top row:  Mary Ann Griffin,    Dorothy Houser,  ??,  Bill (Jr). Whipkey,  ??,  ??,  Karlene Hartley,  Melba Townsend,??,  ??,  ??, 

Middle row:    That boy has to be a Sharbutt??,  Lloyd Medlin,  ??,   John Kell   ??,  Bill Hartley,  ??,  Jim Richardson, Beverly  Baker,  Dura Mae McGinnis,  Gerald Masters

Front row:   ??,  ??,  ??,              ??,   Don Horn, ??