Doc Houston's copy.  Thanks Tom

#1- Herold Allen,  2- Fred Campbell,  3- Conner D. Price, 4- James R. Rankins,
  5- Billie Vanderpool,
  6- Jimmie Kennedy,  7- Mitchell Jones,  8- Wayne Davis, 9- Harold Masters,
10- Billy Worley, 11- Jack Salsbury,
12- John Henry Dareing, 13- Clarence "Doc" Houston, 
14- Jack Steele, 15- Jack Wolfe, 16- James Heatherly, 17- Joe Vaughn, 18- Billy Brashears,
 19- Nelson Musgrove,  20- Gene Wilson,  21- Bob Vaughn (Captain of "D" Team)

Names in Red letters Played class "A", Blue letters played class "C", Black, Class "D"
The Trophies are for second place in Class "A" and second place in class "D"

I wonder what happened to the trophies?