I'm doing this different this year, (and I hope works) because I've been unable, for a week, to put any of these up.  I lost my computer, router, three switches, Battery Back-up, Satellite Receiver (big dish), DVD, and Stereo Receiver (that I know of) to lightning just before the reunion, and just got the computer back today (6-22-09) so here's what I have as of now. 158 pictures!

Every picture has a number in the lower right hand corner.  Send me names, and I'll add them to the pages.

I'm surprised as many came out clear as did.  It was so crowded, and people were moving so much, it's a wonder anyone got good pictures.

I'm sorry about the delay.

Click on the "thumbnails" for a larger picture, use the "Back" button on your browser to return to the page..

(6-26) I've added some names.
I don't know all the "married" names, so I just used maiden names.
Oh yea, it got my scanner, too!

And, tell me if I misspelled any! (Please)


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