I know, this isn't Cardin, but Sandy Caswell sent it, and it is too good not to put up.
It is a little blurry at this size, but it shows the way they lived.
It was taken in the '30s or '40s.
I know the laundry!!!!
(says Ed Shuck)

When I was a kid.  Grandma did her washing here.  I do not recall the
names of the owners.  The couple that ran it were the grandparents of
twin boys who finished school about '57 or '58.    The hot water tank in
the back would crank up the heat to just about boiling.  Just to the
left of the boiler was the back door.  Behind was a big parking lot
shared by 1 or 2 other shops.

To identify the location:
The front door is to the back of the photographer.  The door opens onto
the east side of Main Street, three doors north of 4th street.

(Those twin boys are probably Millards, who graduated in '57.)