Baxter Springs Heritage Center and Museum

Back row L to R: Elmer Dorman, Georgia Cronk, Ethel Post, Floyd Simmons, Lena
Montgomery, Ellen Van DaGriff, Mrs. Mott, Mr. Mott, Mr. Anderson

Front Row: Clyde Simmons, Loeta Baramore, Lucinda (Montgomery) Kemph,
Desa Ebersole, Ruth Hicks, Mabel (Phillips) Irwin,
Mildred (Phillips) Kerr, Pauline (Post) Leffler

The gap between the first Ottawa county school in 1908, probably known only as District 15, and the school that emerged in 1915, remains unknown.  In the fall of 1915, The Picher Company (It hadn't merged with Eagle Lead Co. yet) built a one-room school building. (24'X40')  (Source; Miami Record Herald, Oct 8, 1915)  Wesley Post was hired as superintendent.  Upon completion of the "Twin Schools", the building became the Union Church.

Rev. Ward Allen held Boy Scouts of America meetings in the rear part of the building in the '50s.