Photo thanks to Ruby (Olds) Colin

If you ever wondered who Larry looked like as a teenager, now you know!
Billie Ann, Ruby, Larry, and
their dad, Lee Carl Olds, in Douthat, 1951

Here's what Ruby says about the store in the background:
It was called Clifford’s Grocery Store; Charlie and Sybil Clifford, who had an apartment built onto the
side, owned it. We got 3-cent candy 5-cent soda pop there. We bought ALL our groceries there until they had to
 retire and close down because of age. At that time we had a whole lot of kids living around there.  The Morris
 boys and the Abernathy's the Hull's Barnes's other Olds's kids than us. I think the school
had just closed in 1950 when we came to live there.