Thanks to Charles Rhodes

From a 1917 panorama.

The Kitchenette cafe on the corner of second and main was also the taxi depot.
Here, looking east up second, you see four "taxis", with "Joplin" displayed in the windshields.
The arrows point out the drivers stationed in front of their taxis.
A blur above the word Picher is apparently the fourth driver.
The Kitchenette spelled "Picher" with a "T" in it.

Business up this street, listed in the 1918 Picher City Directory were:

3 ½  e 2nd  Horton  H B dentist
3 ½ e 2nd  VENABLE & CLARK  lawyers
3 ½ e 2nd  Dr. EDWARDS & EDWARDS   
3 ½ e 2nd  Beckham &  Carlock Real Estate
3 ½  e 2nd  HARRIS REALTY CO 
5 e 2nd  Picher News Stand 
6 e 2nd Bill’s Barber Shop 
7 e 2nd  Liberty Café 
8-10 e 2nd  Goodfellow’s Café 
9 e 2nd  CONFER EARL M & CO RENTALS Real Estate
12 e 2nd  Liberty Theatre 
17 e 2nd  Ned’s Store Dime Store
19 e 2nd  Reed’s Ready-to Wear Store 
100 e 2nd  Hereford & Speer 
100 e 2nd  Pastime Billiard Parlor 
102 e 2nd  Miner’s Barber Shop