Tri-State Tribune, Aug 10, 1989

     John Jackson (J. J.) Holt was Picher's first postmaster, a café owner-operator and Justice of the Peace, in the infancy of Picher, even before the bustling mining camp was incorporated as a city in 1918.
     The Holt family, according to yellowed newspaper clippings and family records was one of the first to move to Picher.
     Although not completely certain, the above photo could very well be that of the first Picher post office building. Holt distributed the mail from his cafe.

     When he gave up the position, his son-in-law Earl Barrett was appointed postmaster. Mr. Holt died in December 1925.


If Allan Matthews wasn't certain, I sure ain't. 
The Shamrock Cafe, in 1918, was at 336 S. Main