Now, I don't know a lot about Picher, but I read in a book that the Post Office
 was never on Main Street.  However, on the extreme left of this picture,
a sign says "Post Office"
The Joplin Store, the Kitchenette and Grand Leader are all easy to read.
The Grand Leader was at 118 S Main in 1918, And this picture
Looks to be from the twenties.

  The picture has to be 1917 or earlier, because by 1918, the Kitchenette Cafe,
119 S. Main, was Frank Negim's store and the Little Gem Cafe was at 115 S. Main.
I was under the impression that Negim's was in the middle of a block.
This picture is looking southeast.  Just past the kitchenette is Second Street.
The trees on the right are planted in front of the Tamale Stand, and appear to
be cottonwoods