courtesy of Richard Gregory

Year unknown (probably the late teens)
About half way down the street on the right I believe, is the grocery store from the other view.
When this picture was taken, it looks like it was a drug store.  The original of this picture is amazing.
Just past the store is Bookman's.  The short square trashcan on the corner advertises the
Douthat Filling Station.  Just past the "Quick Lunch" is a sign for Brimhall's Tailoring.
After much coaxing, I was able to bring out the writing, "Main Street".
Can you believe the derrick at the end of Main?
Due to the height of the street, the sidewalks were probably still board.

Businesses on the right side of this picture  in 1918 were:
200 -O K Barber
200 1/2 - Witherspoon Tobacco
202 - Carnation Cafe
202 - Goodman & Levy Clothing
204 - Martin Bros. & Fashion Shop Tailors
206 - Ault & Fulbright Drugs
208 - 210 Sparks Building - Mineral Belt Dry Goods
214 - Mint Billiards
214 1/2 - Dr. A. J. Nowlin
216 - Club Billiards
216 - Davis & Jones Barbers
216 1/2 - Dr. Benj. Farley, Dentist
218 - Malone & Harned, Dry Goods  -  J. G. Kennedy, Insurance & Loans