From the estate of Helen (Nebel) Stout

It took a lot of time to clean this picture up, but I think it was worth it.
A young Frank Nebel is on the left, and the woman next to him is his wife, Allie (Jackson),
and next to her, the little one would be their daughter, Helen.

This should be Nebel's Cafe, at 11 West Third in Picher.  The 1917-18 Business Directory
for Picher lists that cafe with Cora Andrews as cook, and Rosalie Atkins and
Alia Sherrill as waitresses.
  Someone took some time to arrange the boxes on the top shelf
as well as the canned goods on the middle shelf.  On the top are "Takhoma Biscuits" and
"Sunshine Vanilla Wafers".  The menu on the right lists "Sandwiches" "Roast Beef Pork" "Gooseliver"
"Lunch loaf" "Ham Cheese" Ten cents!  Between the menu and the shelves is a notice for the
 "Stag Club" and under the cash register are "Hand Made" cigarettes or cigars, and one of the cigar
boxes says "Londres".  Notice that electric lights are replacing the gas lights.  Did Picher ever have
 gas lights hanging from the ceiling?  Most of the stores in Picher I remember had ceilings of
pressed tin squares.