Courtesy of The Kerleys
On Feb 25, 2008, the store was identified as the Tillis Hunt Grocery by Gene Swafford.
Later, Dr. Ritchey occupied the doctor's office upstairs.

This is a mystery picture.  The original (lower right corner) was printed with a "flipped negative", meaning that
most of the writing (as well as the whole picture) was backward.  We've decided that it is Main Street, Picher.
The sign over the walk up door says "J. M. Lannning Physician Surgeon".  Jacob Lanning shows up in the 1930 census
living in Miami, so that gives us a time frame.  You have to love the choices and prices.  The shadows
indicate the west side of the street, and I think in the other view of Main Street,
 it's about half way down the block.  Can anyone identify the store??

9/16/08- According to the 1918 Page's directory, Dr.
 J. B. Lanning's office was at 219 1/2 S. Main.
He obviously moved across the street before this picture was taken.