Thanks to Cindy Rennick for the picture

Now that's a gas price I could live with!  Picture taken in the early '60s

On the right, first is Dutch's used furniture and and such.  The
building was previously a roller rink.  Later, after Dutch,
 Earl Hand would have the place.
Next is the Masonic Hall and at the time the bottom was the
 post office.  Later the post office would move to the old
Rexall drug (shown on the corner of "looking south on Connell
Ave").  Then Koronis Drug Store.  Manuel would later take
Jimmy (his brother) as a partner.
Further down the street was Keithley Grocery.
I know that the Brass Rail and then Carlin Hardware and then
the Pastime Pool Hall are  further down the street.

On the left of the photo

First was the gas station.  I remember it as Cities Service. 
(Pete and Earl"s)
 But by then Cities Service had sold all their retail stations. 
 In no particular order and no time line.
Dude Rowe's barber shop, uncle Harry's shoe repair, a couple
of restaurants (one would become Vickie's), the electric
company  was in this block and of course the Rexall drug
 store had  been on the SW corner of 2nd and Connell. 
 Upstairs, above the Rexall was the old telephone office, part
of SW Bell.   Manual boards.  Later that would be replaced
by the office at 4th and Connell, where Hunts Grocery used to be.

Thanks to Ed Shuck for the description.