From Hockerville to Picher
and now in Commerce





City Bakery, Scott-Livingston, Sanders Bros. Lumber Co., Empire District Electric Co., Consolidated Supply Co., Goodson-Durnil Funeral Home,

Flem's Cafe, R. & L. Cleaners, Blaine Beauty Shop, McWilliams Dime Store, Karbe's Gro. & Meat Market, Wood & Rigg Bat. & Electric Service,'

J. C. Penny Co., Meredith Jewelry, Sample Shoe Store, Landis Steel Co., Tri-State Lumber Co., Kemph's Shop,

Bormaster's (Sharman Bros. Prop.), Dawson & Borger Auto Sup. Co., Keithley's Market, Johnson-Aul Lumber Co.,

L. J. Bowers Insurance Agcy., Plaza and Roxy Theatres, Western Auto Associate Store