From the Miami Herald 4-2-20



The people of Cardin have for over a year been trying to get the name of the Post Office changed from Tar River to Cardin so that it would be the same name as the town.   The town when incorporated took the name of Cardin. Postmaster G. C. Fulton received word Wednesday that the name of the post office in the future would he Cardin and not Tar River which shows that the efforts of the people have not been in vain.

Cardin has been a town of many names.  It was first started when the McConnell mine was struck near here and the camp that sprang up was  called first Tar Creek; then McConnell Mines and later to the name of Cardin after W. O. Cardin of Miami  Oklahoma laid out a townsite calling it after himself           

After going under the name of Cardin for about a year, a post office was placed here by the name of Tar River by the government and naturally the town took the name of the post office.

At the time the town was incorporated in 1918 it was decided to call it by its original name of Cardin in honor of W. O. Cardin the founder, and by getting the post office by the same name, will do away with all the confusion that has been caused by the many names the town has been known by.

All mail in the future intended for Cardin (Tar River) should be addressed to Cardin, Oklahoma