2nd Place

Original Poetry

Tahlequah Contests 1941

Hank and Lucy

A Ballad

Hank came around the old chat pile

To meet fair Lucy Loon--

Who came across the old sludge pond

To hear her lover croon-

Hank came around the old mine ruins

Miss Loon he did not see,

He saw the lonely cat-tails wave--

"That means bad luck to me I"

Hank thought of Lucy's lovely locks--

Her eyes--a lovely green,

"My darlin should be gettin' here,

It's kinda late, it seems. "

And when Hank thought about his love,

His fears, they did begin,

The old sludge pond I It looked so bare

Why-- maybe she'd fell in!"

Hank Stubble leaped hi terror wild

And ran down to his shack--

"Oh dig my grave Dear Mother, please

And make my shroud pure black. "

Away rushed Hank with headlong speed

Ne'er looking fore or aft,

And when he came, he hurled himself

Into the old mine shaft.

Now Lucy Loon so lightly tripped

Like one who is bewitched,

"I'm kinda late but Hank won't mind--

'We'll soon be gettin' hitched!”

She saw the mine shaft, dark and grim

Then suddenly she cried--       

A piece of Hank's long flannels red--

Hung on the ugly side!

"Oh dig my grave both wide and square

Oh dig my grave so deep--

T'will be sweet to join Hank in death--"

With these few words she leaped.

Now o'er the old mine shaft, you see

A weeping willow wails.

It shadows Hank and Lucy’s grave

Beyond the sad cat-tails.

Jean LaFalier