Frances (Elliott) Townsend

Collins Powell writes:

Mrs. Frances (Elliott) Townsend had her 100th Birthday Party at the Miami Seniors Center in September 2008.
She was born and raised in Picher, and graduated from PHS in the class of 1925. She may be the oldest graduate of PHS.
She married Paul Townsend in Cardin where they lived and raised three children, Mary Alta, David and Dick.
She remembers the Picher Depot Train Station posted and shown in 1917 very well. She lived a block north of the Picher Depot in 1917 when she was 8 years old. The Depot was located across from where the Miners Museum was located.
She says it was a upscale Depot.  The Townsend family were my neighbors from 1940 thru 1952.

I might add that Mrs. Townsend will be 101 September 17th and lives alone in an apartment at the Nine Tribes where she prepares her meals and does her laundry and cleans her unit.


Thank You, Collins