Cardin Camp
Miami Weekly Record Herald
Miami Oklahoma
 Feb. 25, 1916. Pg.1. Col. 2

Cardin Mining Camp

... Two miles or more to the North of Commerce, Oklahoma, is one of the new mining camps of the district known as Cardin Oklahoma, named after an Indian land owner, on whose leases a large number of mines are situated. Cardin is yet a baby camp, having a population of only a few hundred, yet the employees of a great many of the mines in the immediate district, such as the Blue Goose Mine, the Cornfield Mine, the McConnell and Barnes Mine, the Beaver Mine and others make their home at Cardin.

Picher Oklahoma is an even younger camp than Cardin, yet the population numbers several hundred people and this town is likewise growing rapidly. Thus it seems that in the course of a few years time a broad expanse of sweeping prairie, which in 1915 was considered good for raising hay and nothing more, is now turning forth zinc and lead concentrates which promise to grow steadily in volumes as the years pass on.