Photo and memories courtesy of Oscar M. Bilharz

The photo was taken of my grandfather OMB (Oscar Max Bilharz) in Rivermines MO  about 1914
 before he moved to Baxter in '15.  He is sitting on the running board of his (1913?) Moon which
looks well used. Check that right rear tire? This car is a RH drive - most US cars
went to LH drive about 1915.

(Editor's note:  The Bilharz property was on the North Edge of Baxter Springs, KS.
Oscar Max founded the Bilharz Mining Company, which had many mines in Ottawa County.)


The Bilharz property

The Home in the teens

The Family home-1933

The Family home-1939

Air Conditioning

Power and Irrigation

Social Clubs

Business Deals

Bilharz Men

Spring, 1922