The man in the back row is Harvey Gregory.  He ran a shoe repair shop in his home.
On the right of the picture, you can see Burl Lane's house.
If you recognize any of the other people, please let me know

His son, Richard writes:
Most all around the area knew him as Pops or Pop.  Being just across the street from Cardin School, he repaired a lot of shoes for the kids, most of them for free.  I recall one of the female teachers would bring him a pair to fix and tell him the kid was having to go barefoot until he could get them back.  Under those circumstances, Harve would most likely have them ready by the next recess.  Most often it was just sewing a strap back on or maybe putting on a new sole.  I recall one pair of Acme boots she brought over that the poor kid was wearing with hardly anything on the bottom to hold the cardboard in that his dad had put there.  His feet would get wet and cold in a hurry.  Harve cut out and sewed on a new pair of soles, and had the boots back to the kid before lunchtime.  Of course Harve knew just about everybody in town and knew who could and who couldn't pay.

(3-27-2009-That ain't Harve, but nobody has commented on it, so I'll just leave it alone.  If you want to see Harve, contact me, and I'll send you a picture.)