Part 2 of Mr. McMullin's story

My people (the ones that were here when your people showed up) always revered the spirit world. It was never regarded as something to be afraid of. Spirits were usually benevolent, guiding essences of those who had gone before.

We often asked them for guidance. I had never considered "ghosts" as something to be afraid of.

Consequently, when I heard of "Ghosts" in PHS, I thought it was an attempt to put one over on the new Indian from down south. One cold winter, when it was decided that Cal Davis, the custodian, should spend the night in the building to ensure that the boiler was kept running to prevent frozen pipes, that thought changed.

The very next morning, Cal let it be known that if he was expected to spend another night in the building, there needed to be doors installed at each entrance to the boiler room. He seemed to think that he hadnít been alone the night before. Since that only meant two doors, it was readily agreed to, and the subject was dropped.

I first experienced the "voices" one winter night after a football game. It was the practice in those days to hide the "gate" from the ticket booth, and proceeds from concessions in the school building over the weekend. There was no "Night deposit" in Picher at that time, and we usually counted the money and made out the deposit slip on the following Monday. That particular Friday night, I was asked to hide the money. I never gave it a thought until after I was well inside the ground floor, near the principalís office. As I was nearing the locker where I was to leave the money, I started hearing noises. At first, it sounded to me like there was a party somewhere in the building, with the door closed. It sounded like people talking, although I couldnít make out any specific words. Also, at times it sounded like music playing, and people laughing. The thought came to me that this was the other teachers, trying to get one over on me. I decided that I would surprise them by finding them and revealing their prank! I couldnít find the source of the sounds, although I went through the whole building!

That was the first of many times I experienced the sounds. At various times, over the years, every member of my family heard the noises, and all agreed that it usually sounded like a party going on somewhere in the building.

There were even members of the faculty and staff that wouldnít enter that building on a winter night, but I wonít reveal any names, even though it would probably serve them right.

Years later, after the new building was built, and the old building was being demolished, I was amazed to notice that the upstairs floor joists were not attached to the outer walls. They were simply inserted into the brick walls. Of course, the walls were solid brick, not just veneer like most brick homes today. Upon seeing that, the origin of the noise was obvious. Those floor joists warming and cooling, and, moving on those cold bricks would create all sorts of strange sounds. Thus, in my mind, were the "Ghosts" of PHS laid to eternal rest.


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