Here are some photos of the Caswells in Cardin/Whitebird.

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My Grandma, Maude Caswell came to the Picher area from Arkansas in a wagon with my father when he was about three years old.

We lived next to the Henrys west of town, then moved to Cardin.  We lived north, across the road from the Christian Church on the corner.  I donít remember numbers or street names.  I was very small when we left there (second grade 1955) and moved to north Miami, then Grants NM (1958) but my sister and brothers all grew up and remember a lot more than I do.  My grandmotherís name was Maude and she would walk from Picher to Cardin to go to church at the RLDS Church.  I donít remember where it was, and donít remember it ever being there, but I am told it was.  She lived most of her life right there.  She passed in 1971.

My dad, Quentin, was called Quinine at work, as all the guys at the Central Mill had nick names.  I remember the ball games out by the Mill, and somewhere I have a picture.  Iíll keep looking for it.

Use these (pictures that she sent) if you want to and if not, thatís OK.  I have more and as I find them, I will send them.

Mom (Maxine) was not well most of the time, but I do remember a play that she and Nadine Sooter were in where they wore black makeup and did cartwheels across the stage at the Cardin School.  I wish someone had a picture of that.

Dad died in 93 and Momís 87 and lives with me.  Dena Faye (Dink) lives in Phoenix AZ, Q.W. is in Redding CA, and Raymond is in Farmington, NM.


    (Elmer Heatherly says the RLDS Church was a block north of the drug store, on the west side of the street.  The second building from the corner, south of where the Garretts lived)


    (Sandi updated this, and her e-mail got caught in my spam filter.  I am SO sorry that I didn't catch it earlier.  But, after all, we did have a lot of lead in the air when we were kids.)

Sandi says:
    Dad's name was Quentin Woodrow Caswell Sr.  Mom was Dena Maxine Caswell (Craig).  My Grandfather was called "Chigger" Craig.  Grandma was Bernice and she worked at the Rainbow Cafe in Miami for years.  They lived and worked at a mine/mill on the road out where Whitebird and Picher meet. (dirt road out past where the Sooters and Henrys lived and the power plant was)  (Ed. note:  Probably the Bird Dog)   We lived next to the Henrys.  Nothing there now and hasn't been for the last 40 odd years but that is where Mom and Dad were married in 1937.  Grandpa died about 1939 or 40.