This page courtesy of Jim and Donna Heatherly

(guys) Everett (Sonny) Green, Julius Kline, Mike Jones, Jerry Hulvey, Jim Heatherly, Tom Houston, Jerry Powell,
Robert Harper, Lanny Stewart, Edward Palmer, Raymond Dollison, Johnny Wayne Richardson, Don Keheley,
Ray Dale Box
The three in the middle are Johnny Gough, Jerry Millard, and Larry Millard
(girls) Joann (Hughes) Molinar, Janice (Walkenshaw) Delperdang, Norma Rae (Emarthla) Ross,
Linda (Carnes) Foreman, Twila (Mayberry) Rieboldt, Rayma (Smith) Grimes.

Jim sent me this CD full of pictures, and It'll take a while to process all of them,
 but I'll get them all posted, just hang in there.







For now, click on the "thumbnails" to view a larger picture, and names.
  I promise to get the rest of the pictures posted, with names.