Photo and info courtesy of Collins Powell

The lady in the left rear with the black hat is Mrs. Horn (mother
 of the owner of the famous Horn Auto Junk Yard).
And, on the right is Mrs. Minnie White

The girls are L-R Lois, Freda and Mary Turner.

First a little story about the Turners. They lived a half mile north of the
 Power Plant in Whitebird. Mrs. Turner had eight children and never
missed Sunday morning and evening or Wednesday
 evening services at the Cardin Baptist Church
 for many years. From their house to the church was a
 mile and three quarters one way.
The always walked rain or shine. Mrs. White was a neighbor and
 helped carry the small ones. Don't know of anyone else
 in the world that ever done anything like this.

The picture was obviously taken in front of the Baptist Church.
Thanks, Collins.