The Typical CardinKid of the '50s~~


First off, He's caught a fish!!  That's the MOST important.

Second, he's dressed for the weather, with long sleeved shirt (open),
long pants, (about 3" too long) and no shoes in case he needs to
 wade in after the next one!

Third, he's missing those front teeth!

He's got the '37 Chevy (Leapin' Lena) right near the faucet so he can wash
 his "wheels", got his trusty Springer spaniel, Corky, chained to the dilapidated
dog house, guarding the brick path to the outhouse, and it can't get into mischief.

The laundry is on the line, the mop is hanging off the back of the house drying,
and the yard is mostly dirt.

Good lookin' kid too, ain't he?????

Things was different in those days!