Photo and info courtesy of Collins Powell

This picture is of my neighbor Bunk Osborn on the left and his brother Dan on the right.
In the center is Bunk's son Sherman who is about to leave for the Army back in WW2.


Where my mom lives now is where we lived since 1940. A year before we lived where
 Lorene Simmons lives.  Prior to there we lived in Whitebird across the road from the Mantles.

Next door and north of where mom now lives is where the Osborns lived,
and next door to the Osborns is where Frank Sanders lived, and their neighbor
 was Paul Townsend. Then next to the Townsends was the
Christian Church and Parsonage.

When we first moved to mom's present location, out neighbor was
 Lola Mae Parkinson. When her dad died ( he was a Picher HS coach)
Mrs. Parkinson left town and never returned.

That is when Bunk Osborn and the girls moved in next door.
Bunk's wife was dead, and his wife had a sister that married a
(Hick Woods) and I think these Wood girls were theirs.

(referring to "neitherland" picture)

After the Osborns moved on the highway a block east of the Waites drug store,
our new neighbor was Tuffy and Martha Crawford. Frank Sanders sold out
to the Wimberleys and they had the house moved out west of Commerce.
My dad bought both of those lots.

I don't know if you knew or remember the Durhams. Mr. Durham was the Baptist preacher.
 They had Mary Sue, Billy (in the Catfish picture) and Lora Mae (in the beaver pond picture).